FPC Pensacola Allegedly Taking Retaliatory Action Against Todd Chrisley Over His Prison Allegations

Todd Chrisley is still early on in serving his sentence in a minimum security prison in Florida. However, Todd is making some noise through his attorney and has some allegations he is leveling against the prison. These include religious discrimination and acts of endangerment.

Here is what Todd says the prison is doing and what it all means.

Todd Chrisley accuses prison of religious discrimination

Todd Chrisley’s accusations are that the prison he is incarcerated in is discriminating against Muslim inmates. According to Jay Surgent, Todd’s attorney, FPC Pensacola is denying all Muslim inmates the access and opportunity to practice their religion. Furthermore, he said the prison forces them to work at the exact times they are supposed to be worshipping. The inmates are not allowed to worship during scheduled worship times.

Todd & Julie Chrisley / YouTube

Surgent said that Chrisley wants to help bring about long-term change. “Their right to practice their freedom of expression and religion is being denied so that they can provide free labor to the camp and the BOP,” Surgent said (via Radar Online). This is also concerning since the Israel-Hamas War has many people discriminating against both Muslims and Jewish people. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group, received 774 complaints of harassment in the United States since the war started.

This is also just part of the claims made by Todd Chrisley through his attorney. Surgent also said that inmates are forced to work in “dangerous temperatures” without proper precautions. Surgent also said that the medical department is mixing up inmate medications. They even allegedly gave Todd Chrisley another inmate’s medication by accident. This is not only dangerous but also highly illegal.

FPC Pensacola reportedly retaliating against Todd Chrisley
An alleged inmate sent Savannah Chrisley a letter. This inmate claimed that Todd was given an unscheduled urine test in the middle of the night. Surgent said he wasn’t aware of the urine test, but said it would be a “form of harassment and mysterious conduct from the BOP.”

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Todd Chrisley / YouTube

While Todd Chrisley wants to shine a light on perceived wrongdoings by FPC Pensacola, Surgent said the Chrisley Knows Best star is doing well. He said Todd’s spirits remain up as he serves his sentence, which the courts knocked down from 12 years to 10. This is despite Surgent saying that Todd was both witness to and been a victim of a “cruel, broken and inhumane system.” Surgent said that Todd has two goals right now. One is to reunite with his wife Julie and his kids. The second is to create “real, lasting systemic change” in the American prison system.

What are your thoughts on Todd Chrisley’s accusations against the prison system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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