Convicted Fraudster Julie Chrisley’s Prison Menu Revealed!

Long gone are the days of family BBQs as Julie Chrisley will be making bologna sandwiches behind bars this Fourth of July, essonews24.com can exclusively reveal. We obtained FMC Lexington’s food menu, showing what the disgraced Chrisley Knows Best star will eat with her prison pals on Tuesday’s holiday while serving her 7-year sentence behind bars.

todd julie chrisley how they are spending last weeks prisons
Todd Chrisley‘s wife will start Independence Day with a well-balanced breakfast of oatmeal, pancakes, and whole wheat bread. She’ll also be served coffee and skim milk to wash her meal down.

Lunch will be a hotch-potch of July 4th classics.

julie chrisley cleans prison cell responsibilities serving sentence pp

RadarOnline.com can reveal Julie’s Kentucky prison will be serving BBQ chicken for lunch on the federal holiday, with BBQ tofu and soy burgers available for inmates who don’t eat meat.

Lunch sides will include potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, and corn. Prisoners will also be served pie for dessert.

Julie’s dinner will be bland with a make-it-yourself sandwich medley. Inmates will be given the choice of bologna meat or peanut butter and jelly packets and whole wheat bread.

They will also get sliced cheese, salad dressing, and mustard to add to their concoctions. Of course, no sandwich is complete without potato chips, which will also be served with dinner.


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