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Julie Chrisley May Divorce Husband Todd for Convincing Her To Go Along With ‘Foolproof’ Tax Fraud Scheme

Julie Chrisley is preparing to spend her first Christmas behind bars. She won’t be with her children. And she certainly won’t be with her husband Todd Chrisley, also currently living in a federal facility.

Todd and Julie are serving time after they were convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud. A result of nothing more than their own greed. Back in June 2022, it was revealed they grifted over $30 million from financial institutions. Additionally, there are speculations Julie is done being loyal to her husband of 27 years, thanks to his “foolproof plan.” DailyMail has the scoop.


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It seems like Julie may or may not be considering departing jail as a single lady. Sources close to the family are “certain” she will file to divorce Todd after being forced to take a 5-year staycation in Kentucky.

The Chrisley Knows Best mom has had a lot of time to think things over and might be questioning her vows. Friends claim Todd convinced his beloved bride they would “never go to jail.” While denials of trouble in paradise are coming from the family, sources are telling a different story.

“Julie’s friends are certain that she will eventually divorce Todd for convincing her to go along with his foolproof plan that landed them in prison,” an insider added. Todd and Julie have both had their sentences reduced, but Todd still has ten years to go and Julie has another five Christmases under the prison mistletoe.

Todd has made it his mission to overhaul the prison system in Florida by revealing alleged inhumane conditions. A source shared, “He is hopeless and completely broken. He spends his days in isolation because a lot of the prisoners don’t like him due to the fact he has been blabbing about the prison conditions.”

Julie is on a different path

As for Julie, she’s been spending her time feeling remorseful. “She has broken down, she is not doing well at all. She cannot fathom how she will spend years being locked up and feels that she let her family down.”

Todd and Julie’s kids are keeping fans updated on their parents while incarcerated. Also, they continue to deny any wrongdoing and dispute any talk of divorce between their mom and dad.

While things are certainly bleak for the family, the two inmates have received an opportunity to present an oral argument related to their appeal to overturn their convictions. They will be heard in March 2024.

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