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Savannah Chrisley’s Daily Grind: Diving into Multiple Shows, Driven by the Desire to Settle Todd and Julie’s High-Interest Loans (even though they are still in jail).

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Savannah Chrisley tries to work every day, participating in many shows just because she wants to make a lot of money to pay off Todd and Julie’s high-interest loans (even though they are still in jail).

Savannah Chrisley tries to work every day, participating in many shows just because she wants to make a lot of money to pay off Todd and Julie’s high-interest loans (even though they are still in jail).
As part of their conviction, Savannah Chrisley’s parents were ordered to pay more than $17 million in restitution.

As Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, a member of Todd and Julie’s legal team stated at an earlier time that the couple had no plans of paying the restitution. When this statement was made, it wasn’t made because Todd and Julie were planning to skip the bill. The argument was that Todd and Julie Chrisley claim to be innocent and are appealing their current situation. Paying restitution for a crime they do not believe they are guilty of was viewed to be counterproductive.

It, however, sounds as though their daughter Savannah has a different idea.

Savannah Chrisley - Todd Chrisley Youtube

Savannah Chrisley Paying Off Todd & Julie’s Debts?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Savannah and Chase Chrisley spilled the beans during a recent episode of her podcast that there was a new legal team stepping in to represent Todd and Julie. The siblings revealed the first thing the legal team told them was that they were “screwed” from the very beginning of this trial. Savannah and Chase Chrisley now have high hopes the new legal team will push through a successful appeal process and get their parents the justice they claim they were robbed of before.

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Sitting down with ET, Todd and Julie’s new lawyer Jay Surgent of Weiner Law Group has nothing but good things to say about Savannah. He notes she is a smart and creative young woman. And, he believes she is going to have no trouble using the talents she has to make all of the money she needs.

Todd Chrisley - Savanah Chrisley - Youtube

Their lawyer proceeded to clarify that as Todd and Julie’s child, Savannah Chrisley has no obligation to pay off any of their debts including that $17 million restitution bill. Savannah, however, has expressed an interest to the lawyer in doing what she can to help pay off the bill.

Jay Surgent of Weiner Law Group made it a point to double down on the fact that there was no legal obligation for Savannah to pay her parent’s legal debts. But, she had just decided it was something she wanted to do.

Chrisley Knows Best Fans Have Mixed Feelings

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Chrisley Knows Best fans aren’t exactly happy with Savannah Chrisley right now. They think Savannah and the entire family are acting entitled about the whole situation. Fans point out that the facilities Todd and Julie Chrisley are staying in have likely had poor living conditions for a while. And, it is hypocritical for the family to only care about fixing the problem now that it is an issue for them.

Savannah Chrisley With Todd & Julie [USA Network | YouTube]

What do you think moved the family to seek a new legal team for Todd and Julie? Moreover, what do you think about Todd and Julie Chrisley’s daughter Savannah making moves so she can pay off their debts for them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

Savannah Chrisley Notes Todd’s Ironic Prison Activity – There are damn rumors that: ”Todd has a new boyfriend while in prison and is about to divorce Julie”

Savannah Chrisley - Todd Chrisley - Youtube

Savannah Chrisley seldom dishes good news about Todd and Julie Chrisley but after unexpected great news arrived, she described her dad’s activities as “ironic.” What’s going on with the Chrisley Know’s Best patriarch? Read on to find out.

Savannah Chrisley Finds Something To Celebrate

Todd and Julie are serving a combined sentence of 19 years, which Chrisley Knows Best fans think seems very harsh. While their daughter and their son, Chase routinely share horror stories about prison conditions, occasionally, good news comes out. Admittedly, the good news seems few and far between. But, with legal issues, everything seems to take forever to happen.

Savannah Chrisley found a reason to celebrate when news arrived that both Todd and Julie received reductions in their sentences. Admittedly, the two years less for her dad and one-and-a-half years for Julie still means a long wait before they go home. But it’s better than no good news. In fact, the reduction came because they participated in the First Step Act program to reduce time.

Savannah Chrisley Reveals Ironic News About Her Father

On her Unlocked podcast, the Chrisley Knows Best alum often details what’s happening with Todd and Julie. People Magazine noted that in a recent episode, the reality TV star explained that both parents teach and take courses to earn their sentence reductions. Julie teaches things like “real estate.” Obviously, because she qualified and knows the industry well, Julie probably did really well.

However, Savannah Chrisley thinks that it really seems “ironic” when it comes to her father. She said, “Dad’s definitely taught some classes too,” and she mentioned a “trauma class.” Nevertheless, it was another one she recalled that made her eyebrows rise. She said, “I think another one was a financial class, which [is] how ironic?”

Savannah Chrisley Notes Todd's Ironic Prison Activity Chrisley Know Best Instagram

In the video below, you can see where Savannah Chrisley talked about her dad’s “ironic” teaching activity from the 35:00 mark.

Comments About The Podcast

People who saw the entire podcast talked about the impact of Todd and Julie’s imprisonment on the lives of the kids. One of them said, “Savannah i think u are doing [an] amazing job with the kid and everything that is going on.”

Meanwhile, another admirer wrote, “Your parents do not deserve to be locked up in prison. Look at how well you turned out to be based on how they raised you. Look at you, you are raising your siblings on your own. Not because you want to, but because you didnt have a choice…”

Do you think that the news about Todd Chrisley teaching financial lessons is ironic? After all, it will help reduce his time behind bars. And yet, financial shenanigans landed him in prison in the first place. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And, remember to come back here for more news about the former stars of Chrisley Knows Best.

Julie and Todd Chrisley - Instagram

Chrisley Knows Best fans have wondered how Todd and Julie Chrisley’s marriage would survive separation behind bars. Sadly, there are so many doubters among the reality TV show’s fanbase that a divorce rumor grew legs and quickly spread. Some speculated the couple couldn’t survive having no contact and only being able to communicate via email.

Despite being behind bars, Todd and Julie Chrisley caught wind of the rumors surrounding the fragile status of their marriage. Using their attorney, Jay Surgent, as their mouthpiece, the couple broke their silence on the divorce rumors.

Is there trouble in paradise? Or, are these rumors… just rumors? Keep reading for the details.

Todd and Julie Chrisley - YouTube

They Can Only Communicate By Email

Despite being married, there are pretty strict rules that prevent inmates at different facilities from communicating. Moreover, inmates can only make phone calls by calling the person they want to talk to. The person typically has to accept a fee to take the phone call. So, the system just isn’t set up for there to even be a way for Julie and Todd to communicate on the phone.

Because they are married, however, they were given special permission to communicate via email. It, however, is the only way they can communicate until Julie gets out (as she gets out before him).

Once Julie Chrisley isn’t behind bars, she will be able to speak to her husband on the phone. It is unclear if she would be able to visit him though as she may have restrictions after being released preventing her from doing so.

Todd Chrisley - Julie Chrisley Youtube

Todd & Julie Chrisley Address Divorce Rumors

Speaking exclusively to RadarOnline, Jay Surgent addresses swirling rumors that Julie Chrisley and her husband Todd are getting a divorce. The Chrisley Knows Best attorney assures the outlet there is no truth to the rumors. In fact, he insists Julie Chrisley loves her husband Todd more than she’s ever loved him before.

Tragedy and pain, suffering and hardship, have a way of binding people together in ways that triumph and victory are unable to achieve. There is something about experiencing painful and difficult times together that just has a way of forging a bond that is unbreakable.

The attorney continues to share: “Julie desperately misses Todd. She makes statements like she wishes she could just be there to make sure he is eating or wishes she could just check on him and make sure he is okay.”

Now, that wasn’t to sell Todd Chrisley’s love for his wife short. In fact, Jay Surgent also affirmed the reality TV king’s love burns just as bright for his queen as it always has. Jay shares that every time they get on the phone Todd’s first questions are always regarding his wife’s wellbeing.

Are you relieved to learn the truth about the divorce rumors swirling? Did you think there was a chance Todd and Julie Chrisley’s marriage would end? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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