LEAKED! Todd & Julie went CRAZY after being in prison for 6 months.. While their sentence was 19 years in prison.

LEAKED! Todd & Julie went CRAZY after being in prison for 6 months.. While their sentence was 19 years in prison.

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s federal trial ended with a decision. The pair, famous for their USA Network reality show Chrisley Knows Best, was found guilty on all counts in a federal court in Georgia after a nearly three-week-long trial, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Also found guilty of wire fraud was Julie. They were charged with criminal bank fraud and tax evasion after it was claimed that they provided forged documents when applying for loans and rental property. Hey everyone, welcome back to topish.

Todd and Julie Chrisley haven’t spoken to each other since beginning their prison sentences more than six months ago

The “Chrisley Knows Best” stars’ daughter, Savannah Chrisley, shared the revelation on her Instagram Story Tuesday alongside throwback snaps of her parents.

“195 days without a word to each other…” the 25-year-old wrote. “My heart is breaking…”

She also asked her 2.7 million followers for “help to bring justice” for her mom and dad, while including a link to their legal defense website.

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Todd, 54, and Julie, 50, are serving a combined 19 years behind bars for bank fraud and tax evasion.

While Todd is serving his 12-year sentence in Florida, his wife is serving her seven years hundreds of miles away at a Kentucky penitentiary.

Julie and Todd Chrisley

The duo, who began their sentences in January, have maintained their innocence as their legal team plans to appeal their convictions.

Life in prison has allegedly been a “nightmare” for the reality stars, who are apparently dealing with extreme heat and snakes.

Savannah, 25, and her brother Chase Chrisley opened up about their parents’ experiences at their respective facilities during the July 25 episode of her “Unlocked” podcast.

Savannah Chrisley's Instagram Story

“They both have no air conditioning … they’re both in states where it gets 100 plus degrees, and there’s no air conditioning,” Chase, 27, said.

Savannah also claimed that her mom saw “rattlesnakes just casually slithering on the floor in front of her” and “right there where her bed is.”

But Chase clarified that they were not rattlesnakes, but some other kind of “poisonous snake.”

“I don’t care if you killed somebody — if you’re in a government facility, you should have air conditioning. That’s just, like, ridiculous,” he continued.

Savannah also claimed that the air conditioning was the “least” of their issues when the prisons also allegedly have “black mold, asbestos [and] lead-based paint.”

She added, “It’s just crazy to sit and watch mom and dad go through that, but luckily they have the fight in them.”

Despite the “inhumane conditions,” the siblings said that Todd and Julie are “doing fine” and “as good as they can.”

“Our parents, they’re very, very strong individuals, and they were not built to break, and this damn sure is not going to break them,” Savannah said.

The kids also reassured listeners that their parents have “remained loyal to each other” and still “love each other” — even though they’re separated.

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