Kate Middleton Hosts BBC’s Children In Need Fundraiser

British royal family news reveals that Kate Middleton the Princess of Wales took a star turn Friday when she appeared as the surprise opening act of the BBC’s annual Children in Need television special.

Kate looked stunning and yet completely down to earth in a beautiful blue blouse with rainbows by Lisou. She began her speech by saying “Hello everyone. I’m delighted that Children in Need have invited me to open this evening’s show.”

Royal Family News – Kate’s Timeless Appeal

Kate, a mother-of-three, is the perfect spokesperson as earlier this week she gave a milestone speech on one of her main projects, the early childhood years.

She added “Tonight is all about helping to support, champion and empower all children to be the very best they can be, which is crucial for their future health and happiness.”

Kate Middleton Hosts BBC’s Children In Need Fundraiser

Royal Family News = Kate Champions Early Childhood Years

She went on to tell the BBC audience that relationships and experiences have a profound effect in a child’s early years: “And yet sadly, we know that for too many people, stressful and traumatic situations in early childhood can cause harm and it can take many years to overcome.”

She went on to explain that Children in Need helps “the very youngest, most vulnerable members of our society feel safe, secure and loved in these important, formative years, so that they can enjoy their childhoods now, and grow to reach their potential and thrive in the world in later life.”

Royal Family News – Princess Kate Fundraises For The BBC

This event marks the first time that Kate has participated in a television fundraiser. It is expected that Children in Need will raise over £35 million in 2023.

Earlier in the week Princess Kate hosted an event in London with childhood experts. At that time Kate “explained that after spending several years speaking to those whose lives had reached crisis point, she realised that there was a common theme … a lack of safety, belonging and love in early childhood.”

Royal Family News – Kate’s BBC Television Message

Kate explained that “poor mental health, anxiety, depression, abuse and addiction” are frequent outcomes among affected parties and stressed that it is not enough to merely throw money at the problem or as she said “simply wish for a better world.”

Instead, she argued that appropriate early childhood interventions can erase poor outcomes and offer the best opportunity for lasting change.

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