New Book Brands Kate Middleton A “Stepford Wife”

British royal family news reveals that Omid Scobie and Friends have dropped to a new low in attacking the royal family—going after Kate Middleton.

The words in Endgame represent a death sentence for hopes of a truce between certain traitors and the monarchy, that’s how savage and vindictive they are.

According to the Daily Mail Scooby Doo claims paints Kate as a “cold” human who “ignored Meghan’s cries for help.”

No one seems to be buying Scobie’s claim that Harry and Meghan had nothing to do with the book’s content, with one poster saying “Mmmm, I wonder where he got all his information from!!!!!!!”

New Book Brands Kate Middleton A “Stepford Wife”

Royal Family News: Omid Scobie’s New Low

The outlet refers to Scobie as Harry and Meghan’s “cheerleader-in-chief” and he describes himself as Meg’s “soul mate.”

The book dropped today and fans are horrified at how Scobie took direct aim at The Princess of Wales. What has Kate ever done to him for him to write that the mom of three “shivers whenever Meghan’s name is brought up and hasn’t spoken to her since 2019.”

Maybe the better question is at what point, and why, did it occur to Scobie to attack the next queen with such venom?

According to him, Kate is a “Stepford-like royal wife and the monarchy’s last shiny thing for many years to come.”

Royal Family News: Kate Attacked In Print

Scobie writes an entire chapter about a nickname, “Katie Keen,” and suggests that the late Queen Elizabeth liked her because she was weak unlike strong Princess Diana. He goes on to criticize her workload sniffing that she is “technically a part time working royal.”

Scobie infamously wrote Finding Freedom, all about how mistreated Harry and Meghan were while they lived at the castle rent free, let the taxpayers foot the bill for their wedding, and in the end bit the hands that fed and clothed them.

Of disgraced Meghan, her cheerleader says that she was a “shimmering ornament in the royal family tree” before 2020 when she and Harry ran away and launched their own vitriolic campaign against his family. Endgame—let the buyer beware.

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