Princess Kate ‘must be feeling bruised’ by Prince Harry insight into royal life

Kate, the Princess of Wales has shared a very close bond with Prince Harry, who described her as the sister he never had.

Kate, the Princess of Wales was left “quite bruised” by comments made by Prince Harry in his bombshell memoir, a royal author claimed.

The Princess of Wales featured heavily in her brother-in-law’s intimate analysis of his life as a royal, released this year.

For years, the pair joined forces with Prince William to promote causes dear to all three, though a natural distance has formed since Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back from the royal fold.

Author Valentine Low says Kate was left surprised by remarks in Spare but committed to not letting his comments affect her personal and royal life.

Low claimed: “She does have a lot of grace.

kate middleton speaking with prince harry

Kate and Harry were known to be close in the early years of her marriage to William (Image: GETTY)

“[In Spare] he starts off by portraying her almost like a sister, they were very close, they got on terribly well.

“And later, the portrait he paints is of someone rather cold and frosty towards Meghan. So she must be feeling quite bruised by that.”

Speaking to ToDiForDaily creator Kinsey Schofield, Low noted the couple has however opted to remain silent about the allegations Harry made, and continued to focus on their work.

He added: “But she and William have both gone out of their way not to react and they’ve definitely told their staff not to go around giving briefings about what they feel about the book and about the Netflix series.

“I’m sure they’re smarting on the inside but they got on with the job and I think it’s paid off.”


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Kate was described as rather rigid and stiff by Meghan and Harry (Image: GETTY)

Harry once referred to the Princess of Wales as “the sister I never had and always wanted” and insisted in earlier chapters of Spare that she was “a good match” for his brother as they “made each other visibly happy”.

But his tune changed later in the memoir, echoing previous interviews he and Meghan Markle gave after they departed from the Royal Family in which they described Kate as a rather rigid figure.

Discussing a dinner with William and his sister-in-law, Harry said that the “marked difference in how the two women dressed” was a “possibly discordant note.”

While the Duchess welcomed them to their Nottingham Cottage home “barefoot,” Kate was “done up to the nines”.

The Duke also claimed the Princess of Wales had raised concerns about being “compared to, and forced to compete with Meg” after their only joint engagement in 2018.


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