Kate Middleton Is ‘Very Concerned’ About Meghan Markle’s Rumored Memoir as Details About Their Infamous ‘Tiaragate’ Scandal Could Be Exposed

kate middleton worried meghan markle discuss tiaragate memoir
SOURCE: MEGAKate Middleton and Meghan Markle famously argued over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress.

In previous interviews, Meghan complained about the struggle of joining the royal family as a biracial American, and her husband, Prince Harry, discussed some of her grievances in his memoir, Spare.

Royal expert Phil Dampier thinks the project will be profitable for the duchess, but it could worsen things with Harry’s relatives.

“Harry’s Spare was a best seller and Meghan’s would probably sell even more,” the commentator said. “It would also be the ideal opportunity for Meghan to put across her view of what happened to her when she met Harry, fell in love, joined the most famous family in the world and then left.”

kate middleton worried meghan markle discuss tiaragate memoir
SOURCE: MEGAMeghan Markle’s memoir could broaden the wedge between Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Dampier speculated that Meghan would throw the Princess of Wales under the bus after it was reported that the two women were arguing over Princess Charlotte‘s bridesmaid’s dress.
“She would give her side of what really happened between her and Kate in the run-up to the wedding, when each allegedly made the other cry,” Dampier noted. “Everyone will be fascinated to hear Meghan’s take on her relationship with Kate, whether she was hostile or welcomed her from the start.”

“She probably thought she should have got equal billing and didn’t seem to appreciate from the start that she and Harry were the B team, not on the same level as William and Kate,” he continued. “She will probably talk about comparisons that were made in the press between them and will come across as bitter.”

kate middleton worried meghan markle discuss tiaragate memoir
SOURCE: MEGAMeghan Markle didn’t enjoy being in Kate Middleton’s shadow.

OK! previously reported that the Duchess of Sussex struggled with living in Kate’s shadow.

“She was dazzled by the worldwide fame that being a princess would bring, but she was shocked by the palace protocol and by the fact that she was not and never could be first in the pecking order,” a palace staffer revealed.

kate middleton worried meghan markle discuss tiaragate memoir
SOURCE: MEGAPalace staffers claimed Meghan Markle hated being a ‘second-rate princess.’

The royal employee later explained why the actress couldn’t adjust to Kate’s status of being a queen-in-waiting.

“She hated being a second-rate princess – second to Catherine Middleton, I mean. She thought she would be living in Windsor Castle, for example, and just couldn’t believe it when she and Harry were given Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace,” they admitted.

“She hated the fact that she had to do what she was told and go where she was told in the endless, and to a large extent pointless royal round,” they continued.

The source later pointed out that Meghan was underprepared for the realities of being a working royal.

“I don’t think in the whole of history there was ever a greater divide between what someone expected when they became a member of the royal family and what they discovered it was really like,” the insider divulged. “She was hugely disappointed. She was a global superstar but was being told what she could and could not do, what she could and could not say. She hated it.”


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