Princess Catherine’s HORROR over Prince William’s hobby that she hopes George avoids

kate, william and george

Kate, the Princess of Wales has admitted that she hopes her eldest son doesn’t want to copy one of Prince William’s hobbies as it fills her with horror.

Opening up back in 2015, Kate has said that she hopes Prince George doesn’t follow suit with William’s love of riding a motorbike.

Kate, who has since welcomed their second son, paid a special visit to Dundee where she shared details of William’s hobby.

A well-wisher, who met the royal on the day-long visit, asked Kate if William was still riding a motorbike.

According to Vanity Fair, Kate responded: “He’s still riding it.

“It always fills me with horror when he goes out on it. I’m terrified. Hopefully, I’m going to keep George off it.”

The heir to the throne is said to have passed his motorcycle test when he was just 19-year-old, with the royal having spoken out about his passion many times.

In 2011, the royal rode on one on the eve of wedding to Princess Kate.

A few years prior, in 2008, William did a charity motorcycle rally across South Africa with Prince Harry.

kate and william

Kate opened up about William’s hobby in 2015 (Image: PA)

Although he still loved to ride in 2015, it is said that he has now put the hobby on the back burner – stating his reasoning for doing so in 2018.

At the Man TT races, around the time of Prince Louis’s birth, William said: “I’m a dad of three. I have to tone it down.

“I miss big trips, for me biking was always about being with everybody else.”

William is known to have carried out the hobby on private land, with it now being banned to ride E-scooters on public roads.

kate, william and their three children

The couple have two other children, including a second son (Image: GETTY)

Despite Kate hoping that Prince George doesn’t want to copy his father, the young royal has followed both his parents with his love of sport.

In 2022, Kate and William moved out of London with their three children – George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The family-of-five now live in Windsor at Adelaide Cottage, with all three children attending Lambrook School.

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