Prince William’s fans take to TikTok to ‘clap back’ at Prince Harry

Prince William’s devoted fanbase has finally caught up with the times and taken to TikTok to “clap back” at Prince Harry’s comments about love.

Newsweek has highlighted how the Prince of Wales’ fanbase has started to push back against the Duke of Sussex’s claims that the men in his family prefer to marry “someone that would fit the mold” rather than “follow their heart”.

Prince Harry made the claim in last year’s top-rated documentary series, Harry & Meghan, for Netflix.

Royal watchers also noted in the past that William and Kate are nowhere near as affectionate with one another as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

But William’s fans have taken to the popular social media app to point out that he and Kate Middleton are, in fact, affectionate with one another.

Prince William's fans take to TikTok to 'clapback' at Prince Harry

Prince William’s fans are finally using TikTok (Image: Getty)

One user showed a montage of clips featuring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge being affectionate with one another during the No Time to Die premiere in London.

One commenter wrote: “Not only did he marry for love, he married SMART.”

Another wrote: “You can absolutely tell they’re in love because it’s the little gestures not the big ones that show how they feel about each other.”

Royal expert Robert Jobson said that just because William and Kate aren’t as demonstrative as more Americanized couples, it doesn’t mean that their love isn’t real.

Prince William's fans take to TikTok to 'clapback' at Prince Harry

Jobson said: “To say the King and Prince of Wales don’t love their wives and only married them because they fitted the mold is simply not true.”

However, King Charles’ own words during his engagement to the late Princess Diana may prove Prince Harry’s words to be correct.

Asked if he was in love with his then-fiancee during their engagement interview, Charles famously said, “whatever ‘in love’ means,” seconds after Diana said: “Yes, of course we are.”

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