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Hopeless & Broken Todd Chrisley Faces the Consequences of His Greed

A source close to the Chrisley family reached out to The Daily Mail to spill some piping hot tea on how Todd Chrisley is feeling behind bars just four months into his 12-year stint. Unfortunately, it sounds like the grave reality of his situation has finally taken hold and Todd Chrisley is feeling relatively glum about his current situation.

What exactly did the source have to say about Todd Chrisley’s current situation? Keep reading for all the juicy details.

Todd Chrisley - youtube
Todd – youtube

Hopeless & Broken Todd Chrisley Comes To Terms With His Greed

Speaking to Daily Mail, a source close to the reality TV family claims Todd Chrisley is finally coming to terms with the gravity of his situation. The source confirms the fallen reality TV star is not the same happy and smiling man as he was on the outside.

As those who have been following this story know, Todd and Julie Chrisley maintained they were innocent and filed an appeal hoping to overturn their current situation. Celebrities who have experienced similar situations (as well as the Federal Judge overseeing their case) agreed Todd and Julie would have received a much lighter sentence if they would have owned their guilt and apologized for their crimes.

The insider claims that behind bars, Todd is finally starting to feel some remorse for his situation. Todd Chrisley is reportedly feeling extreme guilt in coming to terms with the fact that his own greed resulted in not only himself but his beautiful wife Julie ending up behind bars.

12 years is a very, very long time and it already feels like a lifetime to him. Todd is starting to feel hopeless. He is aware that his greed caused all of this.”

The insider also affirms that the former reality TV king is nearly unrecognizable as he’s no longer able to throw wads of cash toward improving, enhancing, and maintaining his youthful good looks.

Todd Chrisley Youtube
Todd – Youtube

Unfortunately, both Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie’s mug shots are under lock and key and no photos of how the couple looks behind bars have leaked. Fans assume it is only a matter of time before someone is able to snap a photo of Julie or Todd and leak it to the public.

Does it surprise you to learn Todd Chrisley is coming to terms with the fact that greed is the reason he landed behind bars? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.


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