Nanny Faye Tells The Bitter Truth About Chloe Chrisley REAL Story

Fans of “Chrisley Knows Best” have seen Todd Chrisley’s adorable granddaughter, Chloe, grow up right in front of their eyes on the show and on social media, but if you haven’t been following the Chrisleys, you may be unfamiliar with the precious little girl.
Fortunately, we’ll get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the happy kid.
We have some exciting stories about delectable treats. So read on until the end to find out.

Julie Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley Youtube/ Instagram

A very emotional Chloe Chrisley is crying out for her mother Julie and dreading what’s coming. Todd and Julie’s youngest child opened up about her feelings with her big sister (and temporary guardian) recently. What happened that has Chloe Chrisley crying out for her mother Julie? And, what is it that she’s dreading? Keep reading for the details.

Chloe Chrisley cries for Julie, dreads what’s coming

In a sad text message, Chloe Chrisley heartbreakingly tells her sister Savannah that she’s sad. She’s sad and she’s dreading what’s coming this weekend. Now, for those who haven’t had time to look at a calendar: This weekend his Mother’s Day. And, this will be the very first Mother’s Day Chloe spends without Julie since she was very small. So, she’s heartbroken over the fact that Mother’s Day is coming and she doesn’t get to make the day special for Julie.

In the text message, Chloe used a crying emoji as she informs her sister Savannah she’s sad about the current situation. She dreads the idea of Mother’s Day happening without their mother nearby..

Todd Chrisley - Julie - Chloe - YouTube

The young reality TV star wants her mother.

Now, fans get all bent out of shape about Todd and Julie calling Chloe their daughter instead of their granddaughter. But, legally, Todd and Julie adopted Chloe. So, this does make her their daughter and this makes Savannah her big sister. This, however, doesn’t stop fans from having feelings about them confusing her by not referring to her as their granddaughter.

From Chloe’s point of view, however, Todd and Julie are the only parents she’s ever known. They’ve had her in their possession and have taken care of her since she was very small. Moreover, they allowed Chloe to decide what she felt comfortable calling them. And, she wanted to call them her mother and father because that is who they are to her.

Seemingly squashing any chatter that Todd and Julie were in some way forcing Chloe to call them mother and father, Chloe doesn’t mention Julie by name in her text message. Instead, she tells her sister Savannah she is sad that Mother’s Day is going to happen without “mom” being nearby.

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram

Learning of this heartbreaking text message, fans hope Savannah Chrisley has plans to take Chloe and Grayson to see Julie this weekend because it is Mother’s Day.

Does it break your heart to know Chloe is crying out for her mother Julie? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.



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