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News !! You won’t believe what Chase Chrisley discovered when he visited Todd & Julie.

Chrisley Knows Best fans now know both Todd and Julie receive visits from their children behind bars every weekend. Savannah Chrisley takes Chloe and Grayson with her to see one parent. And, Chase Chrisley takes a trip to see the other parent. The duo rotates their parents each week. This way no one gets neglected. Todd and Julie get a special visit from a loved one each week. Chase Chrisley explained during his appearance on a podcast called Chasin’ Birdies that a weekend is NEVER missed because his family “loves hard.”

Chase Chrisley went a little deeper than his sister Savannah as he broke his silence and opened up about his parents though. He also painted a crystal clear of exactly what it looks like when they visit their parents. So, what does a visit look like? Keep reading.

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Chase Chrisley paints clear picture of what visits look like

Unfortunately, Chase Chrisley reveals the family doesn’t get an ounce of privacy when they visit their parents. He explains it is just one giant room where anyone visiting an inmate gathers. Sadly, Chase also reveals they aren’t allowed to bring anything to give their parents during the visit. Chase Chrisley revealed there is one small aspect of the visits each weekend that is a “huge blessing.” He explains they are allowed to give their parents a hug before the visit comes to an end.

Chase Chrisley's Cheeky Grin [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

The reality TV star talks about how difficult the situation is for his family because of how close they are. He explains most people don’t realize how hard his family loves or how much they care about each other.

“Our family loves really really hard, so when you love somebody as much as we love each other, it’s definitely very difficult, very difficult to see your loved ones in a situation like that.”

Chase didn’t clarify if anyone ever goes with him to see whichever parent Savannah doesn’t see. But, he did confirm Chloe and Grayson always travel with Savannah because she’s the person currently responsible for them. So, it just makes more sense for them to travel with him.

Fans don’t believe Grayson Chrisley travels every weekend to see his parents as he has a girlfriend, enjoys going to the gym, and Savannah has shared photos and videos before suggesting sometimes her trips to see a parent with Chole are solo trips without Grayson. Likewise, Grayson is nearing the age of 18 and Savannah could leave him home alone for a short period of time without any issue.

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Do you appreciate Chase Chrisley taking the time to share this information with fans? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.


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