Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle’s Lack Of Communication While Paying Respects To Late Queen Revealed

British royal family news indicates that Endgame, a book by Omid Scobie, reveals inside info about the Fab Four, and it had to come from either Kate Middleton and Prince William or Prince Harry and Meghan. If you are a betting man, who do you pick as the traitors? Right, good bet, double down even.

Royal News: Scooby Doo Is Back To Barking About The Royals In A Negative Light.

This time spilling dish on what allegedly really happened when the traitors were invited to join the next king and queen in paying respects to the late Queen Elizabeth.

Before we get to that, during the “walkabout in Windsor the day after Queen Elizabeth passed away” Meghan was playing the part of diva when she refused to hand an aide flowers meant for the late monarch.

Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle's Lack Of Communication While Paying Respects to Late Queen Revealed

Sensibility won out in the end, and Megs was forced to surrender her ill-gotten gain in full view of the papps.

It wasn’t a good look, but it was déjà vu all over again this month, when Meghan embarrassed herself in the exact same manner. The vid is priceless, Meghan on a no-name red carpet, minus her prince, and an aide must shoo her along, putting the D-lister in her place.

Why is this relevant? Because it shows the nature of Meghan’s character and that reflects on her “soul mate” Omid Scobie and by extension his content. Because context is everything.

Royal News: Meghan And Her Soul Mate

Scobie’s latest masterpiece, once again about Meghan and Harry, spills that there was scant communication between the two couples during the walkabout on September 9, 2022 at the Windsor Estate.

Someone had to tell him that; can’t imagine Kate or William texting Scobie intimate details about private affairs.

Scobie told Paris Match Magazine “what he claims happened behind the scenes that day” according to the Daily Mail.

Royal Family News: Scobie Barking Up A Storm

And an extract from Endgame, which drops Tuesday, November 28, claims that the “silence was palpable” during the car journey and pointedly calls out Princess Kate for the “lack of communication.”

Royal Family News: Harry’s Bio Spare

Endgame follows Prince Harry’s blueprint of spilling the dish just as he did in his trashy bio Spare. In that tome Harry found it necessary to snitch that Meghan and Kate had a disagreement over lip gloss.

“Elsewhere, Harry revealed how the Waleses were left annoyed when the Sussexes didn’t buy their family Easter gifts.” Says who? Harry, the man married to Princess Pinocchio, so consider the source, as well as the sources for Scobie’s latest book.

Spoiler alert: In Finding Freedom Scobie thanked Harry and Meghan for their info, he probably doesn’t make the same mistake twice. We’ll find out Tuesday.

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