Prince Harry and William’s Relationship ‘Irreparably Broken’ Unless Sussexes ‘……

Is this a fair demand that he can really make? There’s a new report that suggests Prince William is making it pretty clear to his brother, Prince Harry, that he needs to stay away from royal reporter and author Omid Scobie

This is mostly because the Prince of Wales is none too pleased with a lot of  the things that Scobie had written about him and his wife Kate Middleton in his new book, Endgame. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince William Is Demanding Prince Harry To Stay Away From Omid Scobie

While both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle insist that they have not collaborated with Omid Scobie on his new book, some critics think that there are just too many intimate details about the Sussexes that would suggest someone from their inner circle had leaked information to the royal author.

Prince William Is Demanding Prince Harry To Stay Away From Omid Scobie

Plus, Scobie seemingly attacks the royal family in a way that makes Harry and Meghan look like the victims of their choices and behavior.

Not only that, but Scobie also makes some personal attacks towards Prince William and even calls Kate Middleton a stepford wife who only works part-time.

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Sources close to the Prince of Wales says that he’s beyond upset and that he is demanding that Prince Harry stay away from Scobie.

One source even said, ‘It is a matter of trust. The challenge should be for Prince Harry to very publicly distance himself from this.”

Royal Family News: William Is Raging Mad Again Over The Accusations

Many royal critics have commented on the matter with, The entire narrative for the last few years is that William hates Harry and will never forgive him.

We are to believe that they had been on the verge of reconciling until this book? Um, okay,” along with, “It never ceases to amaze me that the rats always emphasize that any attacks on Charles and William’s wives is a red line. But when Harry makes his wife, Meghan, a red line from their attacks Harry is a traitor, a defector, a liar, a villain, etc. The Hateful Four started this mess and now they want Harry to clean it up?”

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