Princess Kate’s gesture that amused Roman Kemp before ‘awkward’ girlfriend chat

Roman Kemp was left amused when Princess Kate took her shoes off at his family home.

The One Show presenter, 30, was not only left taken aback by the royal’s polite gesture but it was when he introduced the Princess of Wales to his mum, Shirlie, and dad Martin Kemp, that things got a little bit awkward for the radio host.

He joked that their meeting was like introducing a new girlfriend to the family.

“[Princess Kate] was sat there having tea and custard creams with my family,” Roman recalled. “I felt responsible to introduce her to them.”

He continued: “It was kind of that vibe where you have a new partner and you introduce them to your family and you have that kind of awkward kitchen chat. But it was really nice.

“It was like Roman has brought the princess home. But then it was really good.”

Roman Kemp worked alongside Princess Kate during a mental health campaign

Roman Kemp worked alongside Princess Kate during a mental health campaign (Image: Getty)

The TV personality added he was surprised by how well mannered the royal was to those around her.

He remarked: “I just remember she didn’t turn up with a big crew. Only four of her team were there. Not a lot. When you think about it you’ve got the princess turning up and there are only four people.

“Everyone was really nice and when she came into my mum and dad’s house she took off her shoes. Which I thought was really funny.”

The Capital FM host also shared that Kate has kept in contact with his mum Shirlie and Prince George is now “obsessed” with his parents’ homegrown apple juice.

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Roman Kemp pictured alongside the Princess of Wales

Roman Kemp pictured alongside the Princess of Wales (Image: KENSINGTON PALACE)

Roman said: “My mum gave [Princess Kate] a crate of this apple juice that they made and she obviously took it home.

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