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Prince William Is Jealous Of The Life That Prince Harry Has

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Royal Family News suggests Prince William might be very jealous of the life that Prince Harry has right now.

That’s because he gets to do whatever he wants, when he wants, without a care in the world.

In fact, the Duke of Sussex was once again spotted wearing his signature black polo shirt while he was rubbing elbows with the celebrity elite at places like the Austin Grand Prix.

The Prince of Wales, meanwhile, is trying to juggle his personal life with his professional one while trying to squeeze in as many royal engagements and public appearances as possible. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William Is Jealous Of The Life That Prince Harry Has

Prince William – Is Jealous Of The Life That Prince Harry Has

Is Prince William secretly jealous of his little brother, Prince Harry? That’s what fans want to know. The Duke of Sussex looks incredibly relaxed everywhere he goes and doesn’t have to worry about all of the rules and regulations that come with strict royal protocol.

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Not only that, but he doesn’t have to answer to anyone and as an adult, can make decisions for himself. That is one of the reasons why he and Meghan Markle were so eager to leave the royal family in the way they did over three years ago.

It goes without saying that many royal fans sure did have a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some even commented with, “He looks so happy and relaxed.

He looks like he is enjoying the heck of out of his life as a rich, handsome husband and dad, with a lot of A-list currency. People want to be around him, and he seems to genuinely enjoy himself at events.

I certainly hope he does,” along with, “I love this for him. He’s always been a great public personality, and before his memoir/invictus he seemed to no longer want to show us that side of himself anymore. I’m so glad he’s back out there, just meeting and greeting at light-hearted events, and looking so happy and comfortable doing so.”

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is Living His Best Life

Another fan wrote, “This makes me happy. He seems like a true extrovert- whether he is or not – he seems to be doing a lot of things that are genuinely good for him and make him happy. He looks happy and relaxed and like he’s enjoying life. It’s wonderful to see.”

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