Kate & Other Royals Give Korean President Exclusive Buckingham Palace Tour.


MEGA© OK Magazine

Kate Middleton and Prince William shined during the South Korean President’s royal visit on Tuesday, November 21, as the Prince and Princess of Wales welcomed President Yoon Suk Yeol and his wife, First Lady Kim Keon Hee, to London for the couple’s two-day tour of the U.K.

Kate Middleton wore the colors of the South Korean flag.MEGA

Kate Middleton wore the colors of the South Korean flag.MEGA© OK Magazine

The Princess of Wales partook in flag dressing, a.k.a. sporting the color of the country she was visiting or hosting. Kate donned an all-red ensemble that included signature pieces from the U.K.-based brand Catherine Walker & Co. To capture the blue in South Korea’s flag, Kate wore her sapphire wedding ring — which once belonged to Princess Diana— as well as her mother-in-law’s matching earrings.

While the pair looked dapper throughout the gathering, King Charles and Queen Camilla joined them for the ceremonial welcome.

Kate Middleton and Prince William greeted Yoon Suk Yeol alongside King Charles and Queen Camilla.MEGA

Kate Middleton and Prince William greeted Yoon Suk Yeol alongside King Charles and Queen Camilla.MEGA© OK Magazine

Although Charles greeted the South Korean dignitaries, His Majesty was previously criticized for his lack of statesmanship. OK! previously reported Tom Bower questioned His Majesty’s approach to globalization in an interview.

In October, Charles traveled to Kenya, and the monarch acknowledged the atrocities that occurred during the colonial era.

“The wrongdoings of the past are a cause of the greatest sorrow and the deepest regret,” Charles said during a state banquet on Tuesday, October 31.

“There were abhorrent and unjustifiable acts of violence committed against Kenyans as they waged… a painful struggle for independence and sovereignty – and for that, there can be no excuse,” he added.

Kate Middleton wore Princess Diana's sapphire jewelry. MEGA

Kate Middleton wore Princess Diana’s sapphire jewelry. MEGA© OK Magazine

Charles attempted to extend compassion to the Kenyan people, but Bower wondered if the timing of his speech was appropriate considering the increased demand for reparations.

“King Charles is not a natural diplomat or politician. I think he does struggle because he knows very well, of course, that terrible things happened during the Mau Mau period, but more Kenyans were murdered by Kenyans, many, many more than by the British,” Bower said on GB News.

“It was all vastly exaggerated, the suffering caused by the British because it’s the work of left-wing American academics who positively lied about what happened,” the royal expert noted.

Kate Middleton and Prince William played a significant role in Yoon Suk Yeol's welcome.MEGA

Kate Middleton and Prince William played a significant role in Yoon Suk Yeol’s welcome.MEGA© OK Magazine

Bower later asserted that despite the power dynamics between Kenya and Britain, the Western nation wasn’t at fault for the revolt.

“Unfortunately, the Foreign Office bowed to this argument that Britain had been terrible during the colonial period,” the author shared. “The whole thing has been completely turned on its head. The British have a hugely advantageous reputation still in Kenya to this day, because of the legacy of its imperial past.”

Due to Charles’ approach to leadership within the British territories, Bower wondered if he could sustain the British empire.

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“And the real truth is, Camilla doesn’t like traveling long distances,” the writer continued. “I think he does find it very difficult now; It doesn’t look as if he’s enjoying the job, having waited so long for it. But in the end, the Commonwealth will fall apart unless he works hard at it.”

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Tiaras, global leaders and music royalty… it must be a royal state banquet ✨ King Charles and Queen Camilla’s guest list last night included The Prince and Princess of Wales, Duchess Sophie, BLACKPINK and Choo Kyung-ho

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